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When Should You Get Life Insurance?

Contrary to what an insurance salesperson may tell you, not everyone needs life insurance. So who needs life insurance and when should you buy it? In general terms: some single people may need life insurance, individuals or couples with young children almost always need life insurance for a period of…
September 21, 2016

Getting Started After Inheriting a Home

DECISION GUIDE: WHAT TO DO AFTER INHERITING A HOUSE The specific issues at play after inheriting a house will vary for each person. However, many of the general considerations will remain consistent in most situations. As you face the difficult practical and emotional decisions at hand, this checklist can help guide your thought process as…
August 31, 2016
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Know How You’re Invested

This article was originally published on U.S. News by Kristin McFarland, Wealth Advisor at Darrow Wealth Management. Whether you manage your own money or hire a professional advisor to do so on your behalf, it is important to understand the investment strategy, even if only at a high level. Quite understandably,…
August 31, 2016