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How is Asset Management Different from Wealth Management?

When searching for a financial professional, you may wonder whether you need asset management vs wealth management. How are they different? Advisory firms offer a range of services and may specialize in one area too. There are also many synonyms for financial advisors which makes it hard to find what…
April 28, 2020
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Stress Testing a Financial Plan Using a Risk Simulation

What happens if…? That’s the million-dollar question.  Stress testing a financial plan and retirement projections can help investors feel more confident in the likelihood they won’t run out of money under different conditions in the financial markets.  To illustrate why investors need a robust financial model, consider this typical scenario:…
April 15, 2020
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How is a Trust Different from a Will?

A will and a trust serve two different purposes. A will is a high-level set of instructions after you pass away. For example, it will name the executor of your estate and guardians if you have children. While you can leave bequests in your will, it will go through the…
April 7, 2020
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Low Rates Create Big Opportunity to Refinance Student Loans, Particularly for Doctors and Dentists

According to a recent NerdWallet household debt study, dentists and doctors have some of the highest student loan debt balances compared to other types of professionals. At any income level, managing a six-figure debt load can be very difficult. To further complicate the matter, many doctors and dentists already have…
April 2, 2020