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Can You Have Too Much Employer Stock?

This article was originally published on U.S. News by Kristin McFarland, Wealth Advisor at Darrow Wealth Management. Unlike most questions in financial planning where the answer is typically "it depends," the answer in this case is decidedly yes; you can have too much employer stock – and many people do. There…
February 16, 2017
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5 of the Biggest Risks Facing Investors

This article was originally published on U.S. News by Darrow Wealth Management advisor Kristin McFarland, CFP® When it comes to managing your investments, there can be a lot of factors to consider. However, you don't need a doctorate in economics to avoid making some of the most costly mistakes. By keeping…
October 19, 2016
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Strategies to Maximize College Savings and Financial Aid

This article was originally published by U.S. News and written by Kristin McFarland, CFP®, Wealth Advisor at Darrow Wealth Management.  Paying for college is a significant concern for many families. Federal financial aid may be a deciding factor in where a student goes to college, even for families who have been diligently saving.…
April 6, 2016