Wealth management Boston

Our Philosophy

Trust and Transparency

Emphasis on long-term wealth creation and preservation

We believe that one of the keys to growing and preserving wealth over the long term is a shared dedication to the financial planning and investing process. As a new client, we’ll start by getting a deep understanding of your goals, risk tolerance, and personal situation. As you’re being fully invested in a diversified portfolio of tax-conscious, low-cost mutual funds and ETFs, we will work together to develop a financial strategy, which can be as formal or informal as your situation requires.

Recognizing individual and family wealth management as an evolving process

Time does not stand still and wealth management services require an evolving process – a journey that Darrow Wealth Management takes with you. We provide you with a plan and together we work to meet the inevitable new challenges you face to structure your financial future and support your changing goals.

Always acting in your best interest

As fiduciaries, we have an obligation to do whatever is in the best interest of our clients. Our fiduciary duty applies to all aspects of the wealth management and financial planning process, including the assets we select for our client’s portfolios. Dimensional funds play an important role in our asset management strategy but we use other investments as well, such as low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As securities from other fund families become preferable, we do not hesitate to make adjustments on our clients.