Team of Financial Advisors

Our team of advisors share a goal of helping people. We aim to provide honest advice to help you develop a path to navigate challenges and enjoy your success.

Tom McFarland, CFP®

Tom McFarland, Founder and President of Darrow Wealth Management, has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner since 1981, and is also a fee-only NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor. He founded Darrow Wealth Management in 1987 to be a selective wealth management firm that could provide honest advice and tailored options to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

In working with clients, Tom’s specialty is in asking the right questions and then listening in order to discover what is most vital to Darrow clients and their families. He loves the freedom of owning and operating an independent firm, allowing him and his team to be flexible and adaptable in serving the best interests of a family, often over generations.

Michelle Wells, CFA®

Michelle Wells brings over twenty years of experience in the fields of financial planning and investment management to her work at Darrow Wealth Management. Having been with the company since 1988 and a partner since 2009, Michelle handles the portfolio management and trading for the firm, as well as the operations and compliance.

As a savvy financial analyst with a deep tenacity for knowledge, Michelle also enjoys learning about the more technical aspects of the financial services industry, attending several conferences a year. She embraces a geopolitical perspective and believes in not overreacting to changing market environments.

Caroline Coderre, CFP®

Caroline Coderre has worked in the field of financial planning and investment management since 2000. With Darrow Wealth Management since 2005, she is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a vital resource for clients.

In financial planning and wealth management Caroline has found her niche—work that is challenging and “endlessly interesting,” while also person-focused and highly relational. She enjoys collaborating with the team to find the perfect solutions for clients as they plan for the long term.

Kristin McFarland, CFP®

Kristin McFarland is a wealth advisor at Darrow and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. She is also a fee-only NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor. As chronic planner from a young age, Kristin enjoys helping clients uncover ways to optimize their current strategy and develop a path to reach their lifestyle goals.

Kristin strives to promote financial literacy in the news and the community. As a volunteer for Junior Achievement, Kristin aims to help educate and empower students by teaching topics like financial education and entrepreneurship in local schools. She is a contributor to the Investing section of U.S. News & World Report and has also been published by Business Insider, TheStreet, and other news outlets.

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