Wealth Management for Tech Executives

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of a career in tech and the start-up space.

Financial advisor wealth management for software engineers and tech professionalsThere are a number of circumstances unique to the technology field that require careful planning. Whether your company is undergoing a merger or acquisition and your compensation and benefits packages are changing, or part of your compensation package consists of equity based compensation and stock options like ISOs or restricted stock units (RSUs), you need to have a strategic plan in place to take full advantage of the financial opportunities offered.

Darrow Wealth Management has the resources and expertise to develop a financial strategy for your stock options and equity compensation. We’ll work together to develop an plan that includes all of your investments, including the proceeds from ongoing stock liquidations or after a sudden liquidity event to help you achieve your life goals. As part of our wealth management program, we’ll work with you to implement the strategy so you can enjoy your success.

Wealth management for professionals in tech, software development, and engineering

While every situation will be unique, there are a number of situations we frequently work to help clients in the tech industry and software space plan for or address:

  • Managing stock options, deferred compensation, stock appreciation rights, and restricted stock units
  • Consolidate old 401(k) plans and other investments accounts at one institution with a unified investment strategy
  • Evaluate a benefit package and discuss pros and cons of participation in certain programs
  • Retirement planning and income projections during retirement
  • Helping clients maintain financial stability despite frequent job changes and M&A activity
  • How to invest extra cash or a windfall
  • Navigating a severance package after being unexpectedly laid off
  • Simplifying and organizing your financial life with a cohesive financial and investment strategy
  • Managing retirement plans at work
  • Working to help clients limit unnecessary exposure in the market by emphasizing diversification, discipline, and patience
  • Saving strategies to make the best use of cash flows and income
  • Financial modeling and projections
  • Tax-efficient investing and planning with tax consequences in mind
  • Ongoing investment management from a fiduciary and fee-only financial advisor

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