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Retirement Planning Guide

You've been working your whole life for this.

Retirement planning is essential at every age. Whether you are about to retire or still a few decades away, there’s a lot that goes into getting retirement-ready. From health insurance options before 65 to retirement income strategies and stress-testing a financial plan, the Retirement Planning Guide is designed to educate investors about the various aspects of retirement that you may, or may not, have considered.

Retirement Planning Guide

The Retirement Planning Guide will cover:

  • How much do you need to retire?
  • Why the timing of expenses is important
  • Account selection: where to save for retirement
  • Roth conversions: not just for pre-retirees
  • Retirement income and tax planning strategies
  • Should you take a pension or a lump sum?
  • Evaluating an early retirement buyout offer
  • Health insurance options before Medicare at age 65
  • Buying a retirement home
  • Timing Social Security benefits
  • Investing before – and throughout – retirement
  • Stress-testing your retirement plan

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You only get one shot at retirement. Fortunately, we’ve done this before.

Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals can work to help you:

  • Find out if you’re on track for retirement
  • Develop a savings strategy to help reach retirement goals
  • Craft an income plan for retirement and help you manage it throughout retirement as tax laws and account balances change
  • Balance saving for retirement with non-retirement objectives
  • Tax considerations with account selection and withdrawals in retirement
  • Develop and execute an investment strategy to suit your pre and post-retirement lifestyle
  • Consider whether your plans should change if there’s a market downturn right before you plan to retire
  • Understand if you can afford to retire with the lifestyle you want
  • Navigate market volatility and other changes during retirement
  • Evaluate different options to save for retirement, such as starting a retirement plan for business owners or selling a business