Retirement Planning

Retirement Wealth Advisors

Because you’ve been waiting your whole life for this. Whether you are a few decades away from retirement or just a few months, the Darrow team of retirement advisors can help provide the guidance you need to be retirement-ready.

Retirement Planning Program

  • Creating an income stream during retirement
  • Navigating payout options for a pension or other deferred compensation
  • Review of current savings and investment strategy
  • Develop recommendations aligned with your goals
  • Roth IRA conversion analysis
  • What-if analysis (e.g. early retirement, second home purchase)
  • Projected cash flows in retirement
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies in retirement
  • Social Security strategies
  • Impact of required minimum distributions (RMDs) on your tax situation
  • Optimizing 401(k) and IRA distributions to reduce tax impact
  • Medicare and long-term care insurance

Planning for retirement isn’t just about finances. Our team of retirement wealth advisors will take a consultative approach to help walk you through the various other considerations that may arise before or during retirement.

Common Retirement Planning Questions

  • Where should I retire? When should I retire?
  • How will I fill my days?
  • Can I afford to retire with the lifestyle I want?
  • How will I pay for assisted living or a nursing home for me or my spouse?
  • Where can I get health insurance before Medicare?
  • What if I want to work during retirement?
  • Should I downsize?


Depending on the topic and level of detail required, a comprehensive financial plan may needed for the analysis.

Planning for retirement