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IRS Wants to Change the Inherited IRA Distribution Rules

UPDATE: On October 7th, 2022, the IRS released Notice 2022-53 announcing final regulations will be forthcoming and will apply (at earliest) to the 2023 distribution year. Individuals affected by the new rules who ‘failed’ to take RMDs in 2021 and 2022 will not be subject to the ordinary penalties. Although the proposed…
Kristin McKenna
August 8, 2022
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Should You Buy Treasuries?

With interest rates going up, Americans are rushing into U.S. Treasuries at a record pace. Wondering if you should buy Treasury notes or bills in your portfolio? Here's how a Treasury strategy can add value to your investments in certain situations and some caveats to be aware of. (more…)
Kristin McKenna
June 15, 2022