Despite diverse backgrounds, our clients share an appetite for clear, unbiased guidance and an understanding that wealth management services are an evolving process – a journey that Darrow Wealth Management takes with you.

There is no single path to wealth. Each individual is unique in experience and aspirations. We are proud to work with entrepreneurs and business owners, technology and biotech professionals, physicians, doctors and others who seek to invest their assets using a long-term disciplined approach, customized for their goals and comfort level. We also enjoy long-standing relationships with those individuals and families whose wealth has been passed between generations.

Physicians and Medical Professionals

Our strategy in wealth management for physicians and doctors is based on understanding the client’s needs and plans, and then customizing a strategy to pursue retirement and estate goals successfully.

Software and Technology Professionals

Darrow Wealth Management understands the challenges as well as the opportunities of a career in the software and technology space and can work with you to create a comprehensive wealth management program to help you realize the goals for your family.

Professionals in Biotech and Life Sciences

Darrow understands the fast-growing and evolving biotechnology field, which may involve frequent company switches. We provide wealth management for biotech professionals, acting as Your Personal CFO to guide your overall wealth strategy as you advance.

Business Owners

Small business owners and self-employed individuals require a unique set of financial planning strategies to meet their individual needs.

Wealth Management and Financial Advisors