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Financial Planning and Investing

The Private Wealth Management Program combines ongoing investment management and financial advisory support to help ensure you get on track and stay on track, no matter what challenges life throws at you along the way.

All of our new clients begin with a review of their goals, current financial situation and savings strategy with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Over the long-term, we have helped clients navigate a variety of situations that have ranged from common to very unique.

Financial planning is really a “catch-all” bucket for everything else that may impact you over the course of your life. Much of what we do in the beginning with new clients typically centers around employee benefits, college planning, managing cash flows, stock options, and short-term goals. Financial planning at Darrow is a highly personalized service, so it really just depends on what your specific needs are.

Financial Planning is Part of Comprehensive Wealth Management

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As a fee-only financial advisor, we do not sell securities, investment products, or receive commissions or compensation from 3rd parties.

Fiduciary Duty to Always Act in Your Best Interest

A fiduciary duty means we are legally bound to act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of our clients. This is the highest act of loyalty, trust and care under the law.


We are also completely independent, so you don’t have to worry about fund family allegiances or other corporate actions that could distance us from our clients.

Stress Testing Your Plan

The financial markets don’t just go up. Understanding your investment risk is key at any age. The Darrow team of financial advisors include a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst®. We have the tools and expertise to help clients understand where they stand financially and assess various risks and opportunities.

By stress testing a financial plan or changes to your goals with a Monte Carlo analysis, investors can feel more confident their portfolio can withstand a variety of different market conditions without jeopardizing their financial goals.

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What can a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional help you with?

We’ve seen a lot since 1987, but we know that you can’t always plan for everything. Life is sure to bring surprises – both good and bad. However, there are a number of situations we frequently work to help clients plan for or address.

  • Where do you stand financially?
  • Tracking your progress in saving and investing for retirement and other goals
  • How to invest extra cash or a windfall from an inheritance or sale of a business
  • Reducing the investment risk of a concentrated stock position or undiversified portfolio
  • Managing stock options, deferred compensation, stock appreciation rights, and other forms of equity compensation
  • Navigating a severance package after being unexpectedly laid off
  • Helping ensure estate planning documents are kept up to date
  • Simplifying and organizing your financial life with a cohesive financial and investment strategy
  • Managing retirement plans at work and taking advantage of employee benefit plans
  • Evaluating your insurance coverage such as life and disability
  • Financial modeling and projections
  • Tax-efficient investing and planning with tax consequences in mind
  • Education planning and saving for college

There is an almost unlimited number of unique situations that can arise over a lifetime. Don’t you want a trusted partner to help you navigate what comes your way, along the way?

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About Darrow Wealth Management

Darrow Wealth Management is a fee-only financial advisory firm and fiduciary investment advisor. As a SEC-registered investment advisor, we offer comprehensive wealth management and investment management for clients nearby in Boston, MA and Needham, MA and across the country. In 1987, we began helping individuals and families invest in their future.  Now a second generation family business, we are proud to have the opportunity to help multiple generations of families in the community achieve their wealth and lifestyle goals. Learn about Darrow Wealth Management.


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