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Restricted Stock Units: What You Need to Know About Your Grant

Everything you need to know about your Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

What are RSUs and how do they work? What are the tax implications? How do RSUs differ from stock options? Restricted stock unit holders may have a lot of questions about their equity awards after receiving a grant, so it’s important to understand what restricted stock units are and the best way to maximize the value of equity compensation.

RSU Guide

The Restricted Stock Unit Guide will cover:

  • What RSUs are
  • The taxation of restricted stock units
  • Strategies for selling
  • What happens to restricted stock units after an IPO
  • Vesting of RSUs
  • Restricted stock units vs restricted stock awards
  • What to expect after a merger or acquisition
  • RSUs vs stock options
  • What happens if you leave your job?
  • Public and private company considerations
  • Risks of holding company stock and diversification strategies
  • Investing a windfall
  • Integrating the proceeds into your financial plan

Download the Guide to Managing Your RSUs

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Resources to help you manage your restricted stock units

Our team of CFP® professionals can work to help you:

  • Discuss your short and long-term goals to identify how to best utilize restricted stock units in your financial plan
  • Develop a strategy to allocate a windfall from stock proceeds across multiple goals and financial objectives
  • Understand your risk tolerance to help ensure that a concentrated stock position is adequately diversified when looking at your complete financial picture
  • Consider how RSUs may fit into your retirement planning strategy
  • Quantifying your financial risk with a stress test analysis if you choose to hold your RSUs after vesting
  • Understand what happens if you leave your job prior to vesting
  • Reviewing terms of an M&A agreement to help assess the impact on your financials
  • Develop liquidation strategies after an IPO or merger
  • Integrate tax-aware planning and balancing tax consequences with investment risk